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Check out Reign in Hell the new skirmish combat game which I had the pleasure to create some of the art for! Its been getting some good reviews and for PDF it’s only $10. Do it! That way I may get more work from them in future lol I will have to get the names/places of where these minis came from because a few people have asked. I will just update this when I do! 

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A blogger I am not! So you’re going to have to forgive the horrible grammar/formatting that is about to ensue.  I am going to start a weekly blog post after the livestream to show off the models and paintovers as well as any thoughts on the topics covered in show. At some point it would be nice to include any thoughts/lore/painting tips from the model painters themselves but I will have to get more organized about that. link to the show on YouTube Here that everyone should watch! Or at least click on it on your pc and let it...

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  This one is for and I should get the painters name because the paint work was awesome! and I think the sculptor has some great details in here. I tried to match the purple lighting they had coming up from below but still allowing the mini to “pop”  Might stare at it another day or two to see if anything springs to mind. I find if I don’t look at a pic for a day it gives my mind time to see it in new light when I look at it again. Made in Procreate on IPad!

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