The Paintover Livestream review! Episode 16

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The Paintover Livestream review! Episode 16

A blogger I am not! So you’re going to have to forgive the horrible grammar/formatting that is about to ensue. 

I am going to start a weekly blog post after the livestream to show off the models and paintovers as well as any thoughts on the topics covered in show. At some point it would be nice to include any thoughts/lore/painting tips from the model painters themselves but I will have to get more organized about that.

link to the show on YouTube Here that everyone should watch! Or at least click on it on your pc and let it run so I get credit for watch hours on YouTube lol

This week was big for whatever sort of imaginary Empire I have going on. The Reign in Hell game came out that I had some paintover art in which I’m really proud of! You can check out the game at It’s a skirmish game that you can use any miniatures to play and its been getting some really good reviews as well as selling well. Awesome to watch it all kick off and I’m excited for Adam and Vince! I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more stuff in the works at Snarling Badger Studios - that’s their Game company that you can follow on twitter at @snarlingbadgers 

This already seems long winded to me so let’s show some pics! Awesome Warmaster Titan from @gonders on twitter!

Adeptus Titanicus Warmaster Titan paintover done in procreate

Next up is Starlord marvel miniature from @therealcacklad on twitter! I really been enjoying these new marvel miniatures. I will have to check out the game sometime.

Starlord miniature paintover

Third one I finished on livestream was from @walrustaco who had such an incredible camera angle and action in this miniature!

Adeptus Titanicus Warhound Titan

Really appreciate all the likes and shares I have been getting because it literally helps me make money and pay bills so thank you!

Paul Sutton and @mechfrog12 special shout-out for joining the AE Patreon! That goes towards monthly software bills for streaming and this website so it really helps. If anyone is interested you can join or help support at all those funds go directly to the livestream and video production!

Will prolly go back and edit this later after I read it a few time lol 



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