Paintover information!

Paintover information!

What is a paintover?

Based off of a photo provided by the customer of their model I digitally paint In background, atmosphere, gunfire and lighting to bring the environment to life! As someone who always imagined these miniatures in action I strive to really wrap a world around your minis!

What do you get?

You get a full color high res image of your models in action suitable for web and print! Use for header images, websites, screen savers, business cards and all sorts of custom merchandise AE can supply.

I try to match the mood and colors in your existing photo to really place the model in an exciting environment that brings your minis to life!

 How does it work?

You email and include the picture you would like to use (read the photography tip post for best results)

I will email you back with any questions/ thoughts and include a PayPal address for payment and to confirm purchase then I complete within two weeks.

I will send you a progress pic along the way and often I work on them in livestream!



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  • Savannah Cormier

    It is with sad regret to inform you that because of the Covid pandemic is shutting down.

    We have lost family members and colleagues and have decided to shut down

    It was a pleasure serving you all these years. We have made all our databases available for $99 (All of it for $99) for those interested.

    Kind Regards,

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